[SUB01] Subscribe For All E.P.

Subscribe For All E.P.

This is the first release by Submit Records from three experienced Leipzig based artists. The 4-track-EP blends techno/industrial-tech/techhouse with idm. Unconventional structures, dark sounds, deep synth walls of sound and crisp basslines. Melancholic melodies by Stanley Hottek (Planet Pump, Wheelworks), Klima (Kellermusik, Tonantrieb, Esoulate Music), DenizchadoR (The Room Rec./Tonantrieb/Numbolic). Enjoy it as much as we loved doing it!

Track 1 written and produced by Stanley Hottek
Track 2 written and produced by Klima
Track 3 remixed by Denizchador
Track 4 written and produced by Stanley Hottek